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About ClimatePositive

What does it mean to be ClimatePositive?
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Being ClimatePositive is giving back more to the environment than you take from it – net-zero is not sufficiently ambitious, which is why we go further.

How can you be sure I am ClimatePositive?
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In 2021, we will be using only the Gold Standard, and Verra Offsets. The ClimatePositive calculation methodology and retirement policies are shown in our Basis of Preparation. With that, you are officially Climate Positive.

What is ClimatePositive's connection with SCB?
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ClimatePositive is a brand owned and managed by SCB.

SCB Group is the world-leading low carbon commodity company, relentlessly pursuing a low carbon future. SCB has been providing services in sustainable commodities, renewable energy and low carbon solutions since 2007.

For more information, please see starcb.com

What is the green sticker on cars?
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The green sticker is your ClimatePositive badge. It lets everyone know that you give back more to the environment than you take.

How we help worldwide carbon reduction

What is carbon offsetting?
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Carbon offsetting is doing something (e.g. planting vegetation) that cancels out the effect of CO2 emissions being made elsewhere. The total of the two, is net-zero. ClimatePositive goes further and offsets more CO2 than is being emitted, hence the ‘positive’.

How does carbon offsetting help the environment?
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Some activities are harder to decarbonize than others: for example, tackling road transport is particularly complex and expensive. In the decades ahead with technology changes, we will be able to decarbonize all activities.

But the environment can’t wait. We need action now. Carbon offsetting funds activities that capture carbon, eliminate it or avoid its production in the first place. For example, if coal-fired power can be eliminated by the funding of solar via carbon offsets then we are making immediate, meaningful progress.

How do you calculate the emissions from my car?
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We have used European and American government statistics for the average amount of driving done by passenger cars. Next, we looked at the highest emissions by distance travelled from 800 different car models as published by the UK NGO, “Which.”

By multiplying distance travelled, by emissions per mile/kilometre for the highest emitting vehicles we get to a large aggregate annual number. We then add a further 25% to ensure we are ClimatePositive. Full details are shown in our Basis of Preparation.

Other providers of carbon offsets require you to know in advance what distance you will travel in the future, as well as a series of other guesses and estimates. That complexity is an off-putting, unnecessary burden. ClimatePositive keeps costs and complexity as low as possible, making it easier for our customers to sign up and enabling us to offer the best price.

Is carbon offsetting allowing polluters to continue to pollute?
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Reducing our emissions is hard. We also need to avoid doing things that appear to help the environment but don’t. Trashing a perfectly good 10-year-old rarely used car in favour of buying a new electric car might look like it reduces emissions, but that doesn’t take into account the emissions of the new car’s construction.

By carbon offsetting with ClimatePositive, you are doing more than your share for the environment and making an immediate impact. Our collective goals can only be achieved one step at a time, and in a practical way.

How can I get ClimatePositive to sponsor my children's school?
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ClimatePositive works with Parent Teacher Associations at primary and high-school levels to help spread the message. If your PTA would like to become a sponsored school, please email us at marketing@climatepositive.com

Where your money goes

What types of projects will ClimatePositive support?
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ClimatePositive only funds projects that hit UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our ambition is to support a range of projects, maximizing benefits across geography and project type.

Can I choose which projects to fund?
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ClimatePositive funds a range of different projects that fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pooling the funds allows us to keep our offsetting prices as low as possible. Were we to make the process more complicated and personalised, the price charged would have to rise.

How do I know the carbon offsets purchased are good ones?
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In 2021, ClimatePositive will only buy offsets in the “The Gold Standard” or “Verified Carbon Standard” programmes. They are two of the six registries chosen by the United Nations for its CORSIA scheme. For further details on CORSIA, click here.

  • The Gold Standard

  • Verified Carbon Standard

  • American Carbon Registry

  • China Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Voluntary Emission Reduction Program

  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

  • Climate Action Reserve

These six registries were chosen after a lengthy research process. In its assessment and recommendation of registry programmes, the UN’s ICAO Councils Technical Advisory Body highlighted the following criteria:

Permanence: Carbon offset credits must represent emissions reductions, avoidance, or carbon sequestration that are permanent.

Additionality: Carbon offset programmes must generate units that represent emissions reductions, avoidance, or removals that are on top of any reduction or removals required by law, regulation or legally binding mandate.

Avoidance of double counting towards mitigation obligations: Measures must be in place to avoid double issuance, double use, and double claiming.

Monitoring, reporting and verification: Emissions reduction is calculated in a conservative and transparent manner, verified by an accredited independent entity

Public disclosure of sustainable development: A programme should list the criteria used regarding alignment with the SDGs.

Our view is the transparency offered by Gold Standard and VCS suits our customers. We have listened to that feedback, and by only funding projects in the Gold Standard and VCS programmes, our customers can be assured by the most rigorous verification possible.

Do I own the carbon offsets my money purchases?
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ClimatePositive funds projects through the purchase of carbon offsets. Once verified, we retire the carbon offsets on your behalf.

Payments and refunds

Why do you charge everyone the same price when we have different cars and use them in different ways?
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The ClimatePositive community is large and growing. We keep our costs as low as possible through aggregation, allowing us to plan ahead. We offset 25% more emissions per car than the highest of 800 most popular cars surveyed. For more information, click here.

If I stop driving or sell my car, can I get a refund for the unused period?
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If you sell your car, the offsetting of its emissions with ClimatePositive could be a plus point for the new buyer! If you stop driving, the offsetting will continue for the period you have chosen. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to issue refunds.

Can I get a refund under any circumstances?
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The projects we fund rely on the money coming from the sale of offsets. Once funds are committed, projects don’t have a mechanism to stop operations. ClimatePositive doesn’t want to impose onerous conditions on projects so, no refunds are possible.

How is the credit card handled?
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ClimatePositive doesn’t see or store your credit card details.

Can I set up an account to automatically renew?
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At the moment, Climate Positive doesn’t create accounts. It is a feature we will add in the future.

Can I claim my money as a tax deduction, or claim it as an expense?
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Please check with your tax advisor. Where purchased as a company expense, or an expense for an independent contractor, it may be possible to use the cost as a tax deduction.

Some companies allow the expensing of carbon offsets to cover transport to and from work. This enables them to promote their ClimatePositive credentials.

Do ClimatePositive sell or pass my data to third parties?
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