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We are ClimatePositive and we make it easy for you to offset your car's carbon footprint.

Join us in targeting one billion metric tonnes of CO2 offset by 2030.


Give back more to the environment than you take

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We offset 25% more emissions per car than the highest of 800 most popular cars surveyed.

Our size and experience connect you directly with established emission projects, giving you complete reassurance and unbeatable value. In fact, if you find a better deal from any provider, we promise to beat it. 

Reducing carbon emissions will become harder and more expensive. With ClimatePositive you can lock in a fixed price for up to four years.

Become Climate Positive in two minutes

Let us know what sort of car you have - either conventional or fully electric - then select how long you’d like to drive ClimatePositive - from one to four years.

What projects will your money support?

You will be helping to fund emissions reductions in verified environmental projects meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

ClimatePositive only funds verifiable projects.

buildOn Solar Learning Centres
Blue Mangrove

What do you get for becoming Climate Positive?

Display your credentials as ClimatePositive with your car badge. Sharing the message and encouraging others to join will help to realise the ambition of offsetting one billion tonnes of CO2.

Let the world know what you’ve done for it today.

Becoming ClimatePositive is something to be proud of, so sharing these messages on social media will let everyone know. It’s also a brilliant way to spread the word.

Want answers?

What is carbon offsetting?
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Carbon offsetting is doing something (e.g. planting vegetation) that cancels out the effect of CO2 emissions being made elsewhere. The total of the two, is net-zero. ClimatePositive goes further and offsets more than CO2 than is being emitted, hence the ‘positive’.

How does carbon offsetting help the environment?
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Some activities are harder to decarbonize than others: for example, tackling road transport is particularly complex and expensive. In the decades ahead with technology changes, we will be able to decarbonize all activities.

But the environment can’t wait. We need action now. Carbon offsetting funds activities that capture carbon, eliminate it or avoid its production in the first place. For example, if coal-fired power can be eliminated by the funding of solar via carbon offsets then we are making immediate, meaningful progress.

How do you calculate the emissions from my car?
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We have used European and American government statistics for the average amount of driving done by passenger cars. Next, we looked at the highest emissions by distance travelled from 800 different car models as published by the UK NGO, “Which.”

By multiplying distance travelled, by emissions per mile/kilometre for the highest emitting vehicles we get to a large aggregate annual number. We then add a further 25% to ensure we are ClimatePositive. Full details are shown in our Basis of Preparation.

Other providers of carbon offsets require you to know in advance what distance you will travel in the future, as well as a series of other guesses and estimates. That complexity is an off-putting, unnecessary burden. ClimatePositive keeps costs and complexity as low as possible, making it easier for our customers to sign up and enabling us to offer the best price.

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