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Supporting environmental projects globally

Our vision is to help corporations, organizations and individuals pursue a low carbon future, by reducing the world's carbon emissions. We ensure that your global carbon footprint is compensated by specific CO2 reduction projects, making an environmental impact and fostering economic empowerment in least developed countries!

All emission reduction projects we support meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are verified by the highest emission standards. By becoming ClimatePositive you are helping us in reaching our target of 1 billion metric tonnes abated by 2030!

Verified by the highest environmental standards

Learn about the highest environmental standards

  • Gold Standard is a certifying body that ensures emission reduction projects are developed and operating according to socio-economic and environmental standards.
  • Verra's standards drive large-scale investment towards high-impact activities that tackle some of the most pressing environmental issues.
  • Eden Reforestation Projects reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests by employing local people to plant trees.
  • The Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards (CCB Standards) evaluate land management projects from the early stages of development through implementation.

Projects you will help support


Helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest, Brazil
The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Phase II Project based in Rukinga, Kenya is one of the world’s first REDD+ projects
The project prevents deforestation from firewood collection and saves families’ time sourcing fuel
The project plants trees where they are needed most, including mangroves in Indonesia; agroforestry in Haiti, and reforestation in Brazil
The project provides stable access to power, improving learning conditions for children and supporting adult literacy classes.
The project in the state of Gujarat generates clean electricity through 100 MW turbines to the Indian grid, dominated by fossil fuels.
The project improves local health by rehabilitating and maintaining water wells to provide easy access to clean drinking water.
The project in South Africa supplies renewable energy to the grid which is dominated by fossil fuels and has frequent black outs.
The project in Cambodia protects one of the region's largest natural forests, supporting local livelihoods and preventing deforestation.
The project protects endangered orangutans, spanning an area of tropical forest the size of Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below

With ClimatePositive, you help fund CO2 reduction projects in undeveloped countries, verified by the highest environmental standards, Gold Standard and the Verified Carbon Standard. These projects have many social benefits, such as, providing jobs or education to local population, improving local’s health with clean water and solar powered cookstoves. We have a large pool of projects that are separated into different categories: renewable energy, forestry, community projects, as well as methane capture & storage projects. These projects do this by removing existing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere or by preventing new emissions from happening.

ClimatePositive funds a range of different projects that fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pooling the funds allows us to keep our offsetting prices as low as possible. Were we to make the process more complicated and personalised, the price charged would have to rise. For bespoke services, please send us an email at

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and work towards reducing poverty and inequality, improving health and education, and spur economic growth – all while protecting forests and oceans to ultimately tackle climate change.

ClimatePositive only purchases offsets in the “The Gold Standard” or “Verified Carbon Standard” programmes. They are two of the six registries chosen by the United Nations for its CORSIA scheme. For further details on CORSIA, click here.

- The Gold Standard
- Verified Carbon Standard
- American Carbon Registry
- China Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
- Voluntary Emission Reduction Program
- Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
- Climate Action Reserve

These six registries were chosen after a lengthy research process. In its assessment and recommendation of registry programmes, the UN’s ICAO Councils Technical Advisory Body highlighted the following criteria:

Permanence:Carbon offset credits must represent emissions reductions, avoidance, or carbon sequestration that are permanent.

Additionality: Carbon offset programmes must generate units that represent emissions reductions, avoidance, or removals that are on top of any reduction or removals required by law, regulation or legally binding mandate.

Avoidance of double counting towards mitigation obligations:Measures must be in place to avoid double issuance, double use, and double claiming.

Monitoring, reporting and verification: Emissions reduction is calculated in a conservative and transparent manner, verified by an accredited independent entity

Public disclosure of sustainable development: A programme should list the criteria used regarding alignment with the SDGs.

Our view is the transparency offered by Gold Standard and VCS suits our customers. We have listened to that feedback, and by only funding projects in the Gold Standard and VCS programmes, our customers can be assured by the most rigorous verification possible.

ClimatePositive funds projects through the purchase of carbon offsets. Once verified, we retire the carbon offsets on your behalf.

We all need to reduce our emissions to stop the consequences of climate change, and offsets are a short-term solution to fix that. We know offsets can be used against other emission reduction techniques to help companies bridge the transition towards a zero-carbon economy.

All our projects are contributed to equally. Each month we calculate the total amount of carbon that needs to be retired and share it equally between all the projects, this way you get to help multiple projects instead of just one.