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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below


Being ClimatePositive is giving back more to the environment than you take from it – net-zero is not sufficiently ambitious, which is why we go further.

We are only using the Gold Standard and Verra Offsets. The ClimatePositive calculation methodology and retirement policies are shown in our Basis of Preparation. With that, you are officially ClimatePositive.

ClimatePositive is a brand owned and managed by SCB.

SCB Group is the world-leading low carbon commodity company, relentlessly pursuing a low carbon future. SCB has been providing services in sustainable commodities, renewable energy and low carbon solutions since 2007.

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Carbon offsetting is doing something (e.g., planting vegetation) that cancels out the effect of CO2 emissions being made elsewhere. The total of the two, is net-zero. ClimatePositive goes further and offsets more CO2 than is being emitted, hence the ‘positive’.

Some activities are harder to decarbonize than others: for example, tackling road transport is particularly complex and expensive. In the decades ahead with technology changes, we will be able to decarbonize all activities.

But the environment can’t wait. We need action now. Carbon offsetting funds activities that capture carbon, eliminate it or avoid its production in the first place. For example, if coal-fired power can be eliminated by the funding of solar via carbon offsets then we are making immediate, meaningful progress.

Reducing our emissions is hard. We also need to avoid doing things that appear to help the environment but don’t. Trashing a perfectly good 10-year-old rarely used car in favour of buying a new electric car might look like it reduces emissions, but that doesn’t take into account the emissions of the new car’s construction.

By carbon offsetting with Climate Positive, you are doing more than your share for the environment and making an immediate impact. Our collective goals can only be achieved one step at a time, and in a practical way.


ClimatePositive funds a range of different projects that fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pooling the funds allows us to keep our offsetting prices as low as possible. Were we to make the process more complicated and personalised, the price charged would have to rise.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and work towards reducing poverty and inequality, improving health and education, and spur economic growth – all while protecting forests and oceans to ultimately tackle climate change.

ClimatePositive purchases credits in “The Gold Standard” or “Verified Carbon Standard (Verra)” registries which have rigorous requirements, transparency of project development and monitoring and evaluation, and are endorsed by United Nations.

In its assessment and recommendation of registry programmes, the UN’s Technical Advisory Body highlighted the following criteria:

Permanence: Carbon offset credits must represent emissions reductions, avoidance, or carbon sequestration that are permanent.

Additionality: Carbon offset programmes must generate units that represent emissions reduc-tions, avoidance, or removals that are on top of any reduction or removals required by law, regulation or legally binding mandate.

Avoidance of double counting towards mitigation obligations: Measures must be in place to avoid double issuance, double use, and double claiming.

Monitoring, reporting and verification: Emissions reduction is calculated in a conservative and transparent manner, verified by an accredited independent entity

Public disclosure of sustainable development: A programme should list the criteria used re-garding alignment with the SDGs.

Carbon credits retirement at ClimatePositive is verified by PwC.

ClimatePositive funds projects through the purchase of carbon offsets. Once verified, we retire the carbon credits on your behalf.

By using only The Gold Standard and Verra offsets, and having our calculations and retirement program verified by PwC, you are officially ClimatePositive.


For most of our Services purchased online, you have the right to change your mind. You have 14 days after the date we send you an Order Confirmation to change your mind about a purchase, but:

you lose the right to cancel any Service when it’s been completed. This means that if you expressly request supply of Services during the cancellation period and we cancel the relevant carbon credits in connection to the Services, your right to cancel the Services will be lost. This is because once credits are cancelled for the purpose of providing the Services to you, it will not be possible to reinstate them in the relevant registry.

ClimatePositive doesn’t see or store your credit card details.

At the moment, Climate Positive doesn’t create accounts. It is a feature we will add in the future.

Please check with your tax advisor. Where purchased as a company expense, or an expense for an independent contractor, it may be possible to use the cost as a tax deduction.

Some companies allow the expensing of carbon offsets to cover transport to and from work. This enables them to promote their ClimatePositive credentials

We are committed to protecting your personal data. For more information, read our privacy policy. We will process your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy. the terms of which are incorporated into these Terms.


If you sell your car, the offsetting of its emissions with ClimatePositive could be a plus point for the new buyer! If you stop driving, the offsetting will continue for the period you have chosen. We don’t issue refunds as we have already retired carbon credits on your behalf which is not reversible.

The ClimatePositive community is large and growing. We keep our costs as low as possible through aggregation, allowing us to plan ahead. We offset 25% more emissions per car than the highest of 800 most popular cars surveyed. For more information see our PwC approved Basis of Preparation.

The green sticker is your ClimatePositive badge. It lets everyone know that you give back more to the environment than you take.


Our emissions calculations are based on average annual consumption-based Co2 emissions per capita. Small emitters are based on the average; medium emitters are based on the average, plus one long-haul flight abatement; large emitters are based on the average, plus one long-haul flight and two short-haul flight abatements plus and additional compensation. We then added another 25% emissions to ensure all your emissions have been taken into account as a margin of tolerance. For more information see our PwC approved Basis of Prep.

We already provide emissions reductions for individuals, work teams, pets and cars, and can also provide emissions reductions for other items, such as vwebsites, hotels and flights. For bespoke emission calculations, please contact

Your contribution helps tackle climate change but doesn’t actually make it stop. Climate change isn’t bound to one individual, our society has to contribute and change for us to save our planet.


Our pawprint calculations are based on average pet consumption which in this case is its size and weight. It also includes the pet’s average value for food, treats, accessories and expenses that come with a pet. We then combined both averages into one calculation and added another 25% emissions to ensure all your pet’s emissions have been taken into account. For more information see our PwC approved Basis of Preparation.

The funding process is easy. When reducing your emissions through ClimatePositive, you help fund CO2 reduction projects that hit the UN Sustainable Development Goals. These projects are all verified by the highest environmental standards and absorb or compensate CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

ClimatePositive funds a range of different projects that fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals. Pooling the funds allows us to keep our offsetting prices as low as possible. Were we to make the process more complicated and personalised, the price charged would have to rise. For bespoke services, please send us an email at

We do bespoke calculations for a whole range of emissions, please contact us at for more information.


Through our carbon accounting service we would cover a wide range of different practices and bespoke services to our customers. Primarily quantifying the physical amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced from Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions. Quantifying carbon emissions is a complex process, which is why we will be working with qualified carbon accountant through this process.

Aside from offsetting your company’s emissions, we felt that planting trees is a great way to tackle climate change. Actually, companies can also grow their own forest in their countries’ liking. For more information about planting trees, please visit our projects page here.

We offer companies to offset their fleet of vehicles and with that they receive a ClimatePositive car badge to display their environmental commitment. For more information about the car badge and its liking, please visit our car badge page here.

Yes! We offer bespoke services for companies looking for reduce their entire carbon footprint. Please contact our team at


ClimatePositive partners with different companies and organizations in the environmental sector, all tackling climate change in their own way. If your company or organization would like to become a partner, please email us at

We have been working with several environmentally driven influencers in the car and sustainability industries. If you would like to become an influencer or brand ambassador to ClimatePositive, please email us at

ClimatePositive works with Parent Teacher Associations at primary and high-school levels to help spread the message. If your PTA would like to become a sponsored school, please email us at