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Our world is turning upside down and it is up to us to fight this climate crisis. We need to act fast and act now! This is where we come into the equation, by helping corporations, organizations and individuals reduce their global carbon emissions. Through our environmental label, we encourage responsible and sustainable consumption that helps mitigate the efforts towards ending climate change.

ClimatePositive was created so that people and businesses can be proud of their environmental efforts. Being backed by the world's leading pioneers in low-carbon commodities gives us the confidence to build a visible presence across the world. We believe this is the start of something genuinely momentous, because if we get it right, it will also be the end of something equally significant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below

Being ClimatePositive is giving back more to the environment than you take from it – net-zero is not sufficiently ambitious, which is why we go further.

In 2021, we will be using only the Gold Standard, and Verra Offsets. The ClimatePositive calculation methodology and retirement policies are shown in our Basis of Preparation. With that, you are officially Climate Positive.

ClimatePositive is a brand owned and managed by SCB.

SCB Group is the world-leading low carbon commodity company, relentlessly pursuing a low carbon future. SCB has been providing services in sustainable commodities, renewable energy and low carbon solutions since 2007.

For more information, please see

Carbon offsetting is doing something (e.g. planting vegetation) that cancels out the effect of CO2 emissions being made elsewhere. The total of the two, is net-zero. ClimatePositive goes further and offsets more than CO2 than is being emitted, hence the ‘positive’.

Some activities are harder to decarbonize than others: for example, tackling road transport is particularly complex and expensive. In the decades ahead with technology changes, we will be able to decarbonize all activities.

But the environment can’t wait. We need action now. Carbon offsetting funds activities that capture carbon, eliminate it or avoid its production in the first place. For example, if coal-fired power can be eliminated by the funding of solar via carbon offsets then we are making immediate, meaningful progress.

Obviously, climate change is a complex situation and it’s going to take a whole range of different solutions to actually stop it – this is just one of them. If we can develop a platform and build a visible presence across the world that allows us to make the impact we want, then we are definitely on the right track and making a difference.

As part of becoming ClimatePositive you will receive an official certificate of abatement from the carbon you remove from the atmosphere. To ensure these offsets are actually retired, we only buy carbon credits that meet industry-leading carbon standards, Gold standard and Verified Carbon Standard.

No. ClimatePositive is a social enterprise. This means we’re not registered as a non-profit organisation. We are proud to be a certified B Corporation with a score of 97.3.

Questions about Trees

Eden Reforestation Projects commented:

- We work carefully with all levels of government to secure written agreements designating the restoration sites as protected in perpetuity. 

- We hire local villagers to plant the trees. In this way, we alleviate extreme poverty within the impacted community. The villagers now have an economic incentive to ensure the wellbeing of the restoration project. They also have a sense of “ownership” over the trees and restored forest and they protect it with great care.

- A minimum of 10% of the trees to be planted are agroforestry species (fruit, fodder and construction species designed to provide food security and benefit legitimate human needs). Over time these trees become a source of sustainable income.

- We do all possible to supply the local villagers with alternative fuel sources (fuel efficient dry wood stoves and solar parabolic stoves), which reduces and or eliminates their dependence on charcoal.

- We also hire forest guards as part of the labour force. Forest guards are part of the overall budget.

- Most significantly, we have seen the villagers fall in love with THEIR forest. They also recognize and benefit from the restored forest through increase in fisheries, improved farming, cleaner water and the formation of micro enterprises.

Trees are one of the best tools we have in removing carbon pollution from our atmosphere. The rate of carbon sequestration depends on the growth characteristics of the tree species.

Our planting partner Eden Reforestation Projects are routinely audited by third parties to check the reported number of healthy trees are growing. Please contact them here if you wish to see copies if the planting reports.

Eden Reforestation Project’s mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. They hire people in rural villages in developing countries to grow, plant and guard to maturity native forests on a massive scale. Their “Employ to Plant” methodology results in multiplication of positive socioeconomic and environmental outcomes.