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ClimatePositive is an emblem uniting successful individuals and teams - from sports professionals to event organisers and more. They’re showcasing their environmental credentials at live events and wining media coverage. It’s worked for them and can work for you. Invest in climate projects and together we can tackle climate change one story at a time.

Our success stories

Ruairi Bell

Ruairi Bell is the 2022 winner of the Cambrian Rally winner competing in the British Rally Championship.

The fact that the entire Inspira Rally Team's carbon emissions are offset under the ClimatePositive environmental label is a regular feature in the media.

Promotion of the eco-friendly compensation of the team’s emissions not only improves public relations, it helps sustainable economic growth in developing countries.

Hype Motorsports

Hype Motorsports scored articles in leading UK media outlets including Car Magazine, Yorkshire Post and Evo since partnering with ClimatePositive to create the first environmentally friendly track day experience that doesn't cost the Earth.

Hype co-founder, Ben Hyland has promoted environmentally-friendly track days to a willing public, anxious to enjoy hi-speed thrills with benefits to nature.

Events include company's travel, accommodation, electricity, as well as guest's racing travel and accommodation. Emissions total around 1.66 tonnes of CO2, and ClimatePositive offsets all of the above, adding another 25% to give back more to the environment than each event emits.

Theodor Bergersen

ClimatePositive is proud to partner with Theodor Bergersen, the world’s first ClimatePositive Go-Kart racer.

ClimatePositive helps Theodor take control of his carbon footprint by tracking his impact produced on track, reducing It and offsetting it to make sure he gives back more to the environment than he takes.

All CO2 emissions produced from Theodor’s races in 2022 ware reduced through climate reduction projects globally.

Theodor harnesses the ClimatePositive environmental label, which allows him to share his commitment proudly, encouraging responsible and sustainable consumption.

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