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TONNES CO2e ABATED via ClimatePositive and SCB transactions - since 2007


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TREES PLANTED by ClimatePositive in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects - since 2022

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Why should I take control of my team's carbon footprint with ClimatePositive?

While companies are committing to cut their CO2 emissions in half by 2030, this is a major step that some businesses may not be able to adhere to in 2023.

With ClimatePositive, we offer businesses a simple first step to tackle climate change. ClimatePositive enables your business to compensate for the carbon footprint of your employees' work activities by supporting renewable energy, community, and nature-based projects to contribute for a low carbon future. 

Whether your employees are small or large emitters of greenhouse gases, we have your company covered and compensate for more carbon emissions than you create by adding a 25% buffer. We offset your employees’ carbon footprint and consider work-related flights or travel emissions. Support your team to go beyond carbon neutrality, ultimately to become ClimatePositive.

Calculate your team's impact!

Your team's impact:

Tonnes of CO2
Removed every year

Trees planted
Each year

*The impact shown on this calculator is based on the Employee Small Emitter plan.

Helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest, Brazil
The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Phase II Project based in Rukinga, Kenya is one of the world’s first REDD+ projects
The project prevents deforestation from firewood collection and saves families’ time sourcing fuel
Verified by the highest environmental standards

Climate action made simple for teams

  • Achieve environmental goals more efficiently and develop responses to today's heftiest challenges
  • Maintain competitiveness under increasing environmental and climate risks
  • Improve brand reputation and employee engagement
  • Market competitive advantage and differentiation
  • Reduction in energy consumption and costs through renewables
  • Winning new business by responding to increasing demand for sustainable practices
  • Improved client retention through great achievements

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below

Aside from offsetting your company’s emissions, we felt that planting trees is a great way to tackle climate change. Actually, companies can also grow their own forest in their countries’ liking. For more information about planting trees, please visit our projects page.

We offer companies to offset their fleet of vehicles and with that they receive a ClimatePositive car badge to display their environmental commitment. For more information about the car badge and its liking, please visit our car badge page.

Yes. We offer bespoke services for companies looking for reduce their entire carbon footprint. Please contact our team at