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TONNES CO2e ABATED via ClimatePositive and SCB transactions - since 2007


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TREES PLANTED by ClimatePositive in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects - since 2022

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Why should I take control of my carbon footprint with ClimatePositive?

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the world has until 2030 to cut human-caused carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in half to maintain a 50% chance of avoiding the worst effects of climate change. By 2050, we need to reach "net-zero" - where emissions are in balance with removals - to sustain this chance. Urgency is clear: incremental steps to address greenhouse gas emissions will not be enough therefore ClimatePositive helps you accelerate a larger collective action by supporting green projects to contribute right now and plant trees to foresee a green future.

Helping to reduce deforestation in the Amazonian Rainforest, Brazil
The Kasigau Corridor REDD+ Phase II Project based in Rukinga, Kenya is one of the world’s first REDD+ projects
The project prevents deforestation from firewood collection and saves families’ time sourcing fuel
Verified by the highest environmental standards

Climate action made simple for everyone

ClimatePositive helps you mitigate your carbon impact and do your bit as part of a wider individual and collective efforts to save the planet

Save the planet

Reduce carbon emissions


Compensate for what you can’t avoid through climate solutions

A green future

Trees planted now absorb carbon later

Help others

Support projects for climate, poverty reduction and equality

Instant action

Take part in a growing movement


Accelerate wider collective action

Impact clarity

Learn how modern lifestyle impacts climate change

Satisfaction guarantee

Enjoy a no-stress 14 days money-back guarantee.

Can I be sure that my money really reduces the promised amount of CO₂?

ClimatePositive invests exclusively in projects that deliver measurable and long-​term success. Offsetting payments are normally paid out to the supported projects once reductions are realized.

All of our climate protection projects follow strict quality standards. This ensures reliable monitoring of the CO₂ reductions realized by the projects. ClimatePositive thus stands for outstanding transparency and effective resource utilization.

Both ClimatePositive and external independent audits guarantee customers that the purchased CO₂ reductions (= offsetting donations) for energy projects are realized in climate protection projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below

Aside from individuals, we already provide emissions reductions for pets and cars, but can also provide emissions reductions for other items, such as websites, hotels and flights. For bespoke emission calculations, please contact

Your contribution helps tackle climate change but doesn’t actually make it stop. Climate change isn’t bound to one individual, our society has to contribute and change for us to save our planet.