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ClimatePositive helps corporations, organizations and individuals pursue a low carbon future by reducing the world's carbon emissions. Through our partnerships, we aim to promote awareness and education on how to reduce emissions and implement sustainable strategies around the world. In addition, we also help fund social and charitable initiatives that create a beneficial socioeconomic impact.

Our partners

ClimatePositive partners with businesses, leaders and charities, all seeking to reduce emissions on a global scale. We work with event organisers, sports professionals and non-profit organisations towards the global transition for renewable energy, and the reduction of carbon emissions.

BuildOn partnership

ClimatePositive has a long term partnership with the charity buildOn in Malawi, cooperating to create truly impactful education change. The partnership brings solar powered technology to light up children's schools in Malawi, making the schools available for evening adult literacy programs. The project promotes child and adult education and empowers business and work through a variety of other activities, including reforestation, irrigation, crop and livestock management and beekeeping. These activities provide food for children, improving attendance in class and child health. Our goal is to further develop our partnership with buildOn in other countries.

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Goodgear partnership

We collaborate with Goodgear, a non-governmental organisation with a landmark challenge of the first world-crossing of both poles, without the use of flight.

ClimatePositive is compensating the entire expedition's car emissions.

The Goodgear team travel in Hybrid Ford 150 and Yemelya Amphibian SPVs, promoting the use of positive technology solutions. They are interviewing local populations to understand local perspectives on climate change.

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Hype Motorsports

Hype Motorsports has partnered with ClimatePositive to create the first environmentally-friendly track day experience that doesn't cost the earth. Each event emits around 1.66 tonnes of CO2, and ClimatePositive adds another 25% to give back more to the environment than each event emits.

The emissions include company's travel, accommodation, electricity, as well as guest's racing travel and accommodation. We helped advise Hype Motorsports on their best decarbonization strategy based on their core business values and activities. Then primarily quantified the physical amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced from Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions.

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Ruairi Bell

ClimatePositive is working with Ruairi Bell to measure and offset Inspira Rally Team's entire carbon emissions, and implement plans to reduce their emissions moving forward.

Collaboratively, we can do our part to make Rallying a greener motorsport and show our commitment to the future of Rallying. By making Ruairi and his entire team go beyond carbon neutral and ClimatePositive he has gained access to the ClimatePositive environmental label.

This allows his access to marketing material to display their environmental commitment proudly. Through the compensation of his emissions produced from Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions he will help provide sustainable economic growth in local communities globally.

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