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Employee Small Emitter Plan

Eliminate your work carbon footprint through climate projects and help tackle climate change today. The employee emission calculation quantifies the annual consumption of a small emitting employee based on emission factors per geographical region.

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Tonnes of CO2
Removed per plan

Planted per plan

The ClimatePositive environmental attribution works on a calendar-annual basis. The emissions covered by your plan are more than compensated, throughout the entire calendar year.

The all in one climate solution to mitigate your team’s impact

Eliminate your team's emissions from the atmosphere through climate projects and help tackle climate change today. This plan also includes the planting of trees to foresee a more biodiverse, green and sustainable future by reforesting the world.

Save the planet

Reduce carbon emissions

A green future

Trees planted now absorb carbon later


Compensate for what you can’t avoid through climate solutions

Help others

Support projects for climate, poverty reduction and equality

Instant action

Take part in a growing movement


Accelerate a larger collective action

Impact clarity

Learn how modern lifestyle impacts climate change

Satisfaction guarantee

Enjoy a no-stress 14 days money-back guarantee

Amazing projects that have a tremendous impact on

How is your contribution helping the planet?

To effectively tackle the climate crisis, the best solution is to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Society is working to reduce emissions and as an organization, we work towards a low carbon future.

The lifestyle change required for zero emissions is not easy to achieve. A large part your emissions depend on the type of house you live in. Not everyone is able to afford sustainable renovations. It can therefore be difficult to neutralize this part of your emissions.

If there are a few aspects that you are unable to reduce directly, then compensating for what you can't avoid is the best alternative to ensure that your net CO2e emissions will be zero.

Without a footprint, you're ready for your next step climate change!

Take your contribution further by planting trees

Don't just act now, fore see a greener future by planting trees. Each tree will help you reconnect with nature, rewild it and prevent deforestation. And fantastic other benefits such as:

  • Reduce Climate Change: Trees release oxygen and absorb the excessive CO2 from human
  • Purify Air: Trees absorb pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, ozone, ammonia and sulfur dioxide.
  • Cool the Streets: Asphalt roads and buildings absorb heat, warming cities. Trees cool cities by providing shade and releasing water.
  • Save Water: Because trees provide shade, water evaporates slower from low vegetation.
  • Prevent Water Pollution: Trees break the rainfall and allow water to seep into the soil, preventing stormwater from polluting oceans.
  • Provide shelters for Wildlife: Trees contribute to biodiversity as a food source and natural habitat for wildlife.
  • Renewable Energy Source: If harvested and treated sustainably, trees can be a great renewable source of biomass for energy.
  • Reinforcing Soil: Fallen tree leaves prevent soil moisture loss.

We plant trees for thriving communities!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of your most asked questions are listed below

Our footprint calculations for our individual plans merges the country carbon footprint with population data to generate average individual footprints for many countries and regions around the world.

All transactions shall follow the average CO2e emissions of individuals on a per capita
basis as published by Our World in Data, an average mileage as written in our Basis of Preparation for Passenger Cars, as well as an average flight mileage as published in Our World in DataGovernment UKEurocontrol.

Each individual or employee will have their footprint compensated, calculated on the average emissions per capita, car mileage and flight mileage, adjusted for trade and geographical region. This includes emissions for goods and services which are consumed in the territory, but are not produced there.

Aside from offsetting your company’s emissions, we felt that planting trees is a great way to tackle climate change. Actually, companies can also grow their own forest in their countries’ liking. For more information about planting trees, please visit our projects page.

We offer companies to offset their fleet of vehicles and with that they receive a ClimatePositive car badge to display their environmental commitment. For more information about the car badge and its liking, please visit our car badge page.

Yes. We offer bespoke services for companies looking for reduce their entire carbon footprint. Please contact our team at Check our company page presentation for more information in the meantime.